Day 1: Making the Commitment to Living Simple

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A few weeks ago, I began reading book after book and blog after blog on de-cluttering, living simple, and minimalism. The whole concept seemed so invigorating at the time, that I decided it was for me. What I didn’t expect was to start pulling things off the shelves and become instantly overwhelmed with the whole “keep, toss, sell” concept.

I sat on the floor staring with a complete sense of defeat as I stared down the three little bins brimming with items that had collected on my coffee table, dining table, and breakfast bar.  I wound up having to pull out a fourth bin for my keep item as my sell and toss bins just seemed to never really gain momentum. The issue: I have placed emotional value on everything in my life. I don’t want to give it up! But I know that the clutter that surrounds me affects me mentally, socially, and economically.

So, how am I to fix this?

My intent with this blog is to take 15 minutes a day, one day at a time. I know life can get crazy and overwhelming at times, but I’ve been taught that you can do anything in 15 minutes. And, I have found it to be true. I can empty my dishwasher, wash the dishes in my sink, and wipe down my counter tops in less than 15 minutes. I can gather and sort dirty laundry, throw a load in the washer, take a previous load out of the dryer, fold, and put away those clothes in less than 15 minutes. I can even vacuum and dust my living room in less than 15 minutes.  

This blog is to not only document my journey to a more simplistic, uncluttered life, but to keep accountability. I might add that I tend to get a little distracted very easily.  (SQUIRREL!)

And overwhelmed.

I must admit that sitting here studying my small surroundings full of *stuff* I’ve collected over the years, I get the sinking feeling that I’m just going to wind up failing. Kind of like how I felt when I stared at popular diet’s menu options and limitations. I mean, each piece has a special memory. Like the Jane Fonda Step Aerobics VHS tape I worked out to in my dorm room in college. Or large bookshelf full of self-help books that have never been opened (you know, the ones you keep saying “I’ll get to another day”).

Well, I no longer own a VHS player, and I bought a Kindle a few weeks ago, so I have no need to keep those items. So, why do we? You know that you’ve already filled your shelves with Zumba and Pilates DVDs. You know you’ve already downloaded the same exact books onto your Kindle. As someone once told me, bless someone else with your treasures.

So, today, my first task is to gather all of my VHS tapes, box them up and take them to Half Price Books. Hey, at least I’ll make some green in the process. Besides, it takes less than 15 minutes to gather them up. And while I’m at it, I have a few boxes in the guest room ready for Goodwill (that were packed 2 years ago).

Deep breath! Exhale! And Go! 


  1. Each and every toe has been stepped on .... and thank you! I am on this same journey... so I look forward to the encouragement and camaraderie in this journey!

  2. So I have not read to Day 2 yet.... did you get those tasks done.... the VHS tapes and books?

  3. Yes, I did, Jan! The first day I was able to net $17. I took more the next day and net $27. Then a few days later another $21. Then Sunday was only $7. So, it came out pretty good. I actually started wanting to just get rid of all my books!


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