Master Bathroom Renovation: Purple Haze

In my blog Master Bath: It's Okay to Daydream, I talked about my hopes and dreams for when I would finally decide to renovate my master bathroom. I talked about how I wanted to paint my vanity a violet color, and my walls a lilac grey. 

Well, this weekend I made steps forward to make that dream come true. The first step was in painting the vanity, and what a success it was! Stripping it down was a lot easier than anticipated, then painting took no time at all. The only hiccup was my Sampson deciding to paw-paint my bathroom floor after sneaking in while I wasn't looking.

Luckily, my mom had the perfect idea for getting up the paint (which was dry by the time I found it): gel nail polish remover. It removed it immediately. However, I also found that Cucumber & Green Tea baby wipes actually do the job, as well! Who knew?

While I still need to paint the walls their final shade of grey, I did purchase the baskets (from Dollar Tree each for $1) and purple accents for the vanity by the sink (from Ollie's Bargain Outlet each for $1.99). The shelves and medicine cabinet were installed a few weeks back, but they will be removed before I paint again. The brushed nickle pulls on the doors and drawer were on clearance for $1 at Menards. And might I add that the paint was on sale for $9.98 per gallon (Dutch Boy) at Menards, as well?

All in all, has cost me very little in comparison to the much more in-depth renovations. I do need to replace a few floor tiles; however, I just happen to have leftover tiles in my closet. Who knew they would come in handy. And towels? I have white towels, and have ordered a pretty shower curtain to pull it all together. 

I'm hoping to paint the walls sometime in the next week, and I hope to post the final blog at that point. Fingers crossed for the final product!


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