Master Bath: It's Okay to Daydream

My current situation
Have you ever sat back and just looked at a room and thought, "it's time to make changes." Yeah, me, too. I'm there with my master bath. It's a dull beige-y color, with the standard 90's wood vanity and off-white trimmings. 

In other words: Boring!

So, I started thinking, what could I do to make it, well, different.

Everyone these days has the farmhouse look, or the French-Americana stylings. So, I wanted something different. And, well. I decided to go bold. I decided to go colorful. And unusual. 

My inspiration
I went in honor of my grandmother's name: Violet. 

I did a lot of research and getting opinions, including those on an HGTV group, before finalizing my idea for the room. For the moment, the shelving, flooring, mirror, tub, and counter will remain as is

First, the image to the left is my inspiration. While I do not plan on going as bold and dark with the color, I do plan on stripping down the existing vanity and painting it a violet color. The walls will not be a straight grey, but a lilac grey coloring, to give it a more subtle look, which will both play very well off of the off-white fixtures.

Valspar Lilac Grey
When I started researching the colors, it actually started with my desire to paint my master bedroom in the lilac grey color. Currently, I have heavy, silver curtains in there, with a duvet in grey tones. I figured by adding the lilac, I could have a bit of fun in there when I finally decide to decorate (finally, after living there for five years).

I like the subtle hint of lilac in the grey, as it doesn't over-power the grey, and I felt that it would bring the room together nicely once it is all put together in the end.

Valspar Violet
AThe violet coloring that I chose for the vanity was kind of hard to choose. the reason I say that, is that I didn't want it to come across as cartoonish. I am still working on the specifics for that one, as I haven't really found the perfect color or shade of violet that fits my vision. I'll know it once I find it. 

I also know that I want to change up the hardware, but sticking with the brushed nickle, as I do believe it looks best with the style and coloring I'm leaning toward. I want to ensure that everything has clean lines.

It seems like a lot to do, but it really isn't. The hardest part will be stripping down and sanding the existing vanity. The rest shouldn't be as much of an issue, as I can still take down the shelving and medicine cabinet I just installed a couple of weeks ago. 

I'm excited to see my vision come true! The tricky part will be finding the accessories to go with it once I'm finished. But that will also be the fun part! I just can't wait to share it with all of you once I'm done!