Day 10 & 11: Then there are those days...

My apartment this past fall after beginning
 the minimization and simplification process
Well, I had originally intended to write a nice blog about how simplifying and minimizing are good for the mind as well. However, my pups had other things on their mind. 

Mostly my couch. 

Now, I'm trying to figure out what to do to fix the most prominent corner of my couch that the four month old puppy has decided was her chew toy. Luckily, it is only a small 3" x 3" spot she has sunk her teeth into, and I have completely saturated the corners with Bitter Yuck (something a trainer at a pet store had suggested). I could probably get the side re-upholstered for less than what it would cost to replace. And, to give me a piece of mind.

My whole journey was to simplify my life in order to enjoy the important things in life. I had also hoped to showcase my furniture in my home, as well, making it the centerpiece of my room. I wanted to have nice things. Necessary items that I worked hard to earn and keep. And, the fabric was supposed to be pet friendly. A micro-suede that would endure the legacy of a puppy obtained 6 years ago, and I had hoped, one over the holidays. 

No such luck. 

Boots the pup
I had been taught to buy lots of toys and chew toys for the pups as to help focus their chewing habits on them, rather than the more expensive items (like my couch). I have found chew marks on the corners of baseboards, and have already resigned myself to having to replace them before I move from my apartment at some point (or before). I had thought the Bitter Yuck had been doing it's job. Considering that it had seemed like every inch of my apartment was covered with puppy toys when I came home yesterday (usually they only pull out about 4 or 5), I honestly did think it was working. 

My Sampson
My 6 year old dachshund/springer spaniel mix had only been attracted to his toys and the throw pillows on my couch. Since I buy my throw pillows at Big Lots, I am fine with that. $5 to replace one of those. The couch is a little more expensive. The toys are especially less expensive. 

Every time I go to the store, I pick up the little $1 rawhide bones to give to the pups. The 4 month old Boston Terrier (or Terror as she has become known as lately) will sit patiently awaiting one while I struggle to unwrap them to give to her. As I write this, she is sitting at my feet chewing quietly on one of those bones. My older pup lying at my feet while looking up at me lovingly. 

I love my pups, but sometimes I feel as if my sanity lies in jeopardy with them. 

But the thing is...I do love them...and most of the time...they behave. Just not tonight. 


  1. After posting this blog, I've taken a better look at the situation. (And poured lots of cayenne pepper on the corners of the couch and loveseat). The hole is only 1.5" in diameter. The micro suede is fairly accessible at JoAnn's. So, I will purchase enough to make a temporary fix on the corner until I get enough money together to cover the costs of a professional reupholster of the area of the couch. That way, I can hide it, out of sight out of mind and not feel like strangling the pup each time I see the spot.

    Anyone like a Boston Terror, err Terrier? Cheap!


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