Day 12: Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

Sampson 6 years ago
I learned a lesson today: hot water is your best friend. Yep, it is your best friend.

As you all know now, I have dogs, one who is a 4 month old puppy. As hard as I try, she has missed the puppy pads a couple of times. Plus, let's talk about the fact that it is still winter and the muddy ground just outside my door where the dogs do go when they are good. 

What does this spell...a mess! 

I vacuum my carpets at least twice a week, and on good weeks, daily. But, thanks to puppy, I have also resorted to steam cleaning my carpets every other week (sometimes every week). I have a lovely Hoover SteamVac that I bought 6 years ago when Sampson was a perfect pup (did I mention that he was one of the best puppies ever). It has been my best friend for the past 6 years. 

However, I just learned something today: you have to use HOT HOT as you can get it!!!!! Apparently (according to a carpet cleaning expert or two) it does the best job of pulling the dirt out of the carpet and keeping it clean. Plus, apparently adding vinegar to the solution helps from future stains from adhering as much. Vinegar also neutralizes pet urine and helps cut odors and stains that collect bacteria. 

Another solution I have read about, but yet to try, is adding about a tablespoon of Tide with stain remover to the hot water. It not only cleans, but leaves a pleasant scent in the home.

Finally, (I am hoping to try this to see if it works), using a natural peppermint solution mixed with water in a spray bottle, spray the areas you wish to deter them from soiling (again). I'm wondering if that would work by just pouring the whole bottle in the water of the steam vac? 

Anyway, keeping our carpets cleaned also helps cut down on allergens and dust that can tickle and irritate our noses. Also, it helps to cut down on the amount of dusting (at least in my opinion). 

Okay, I'm tired and I feel like I'll start rambling if I keep on typing tonight. But, I have to admit that the black light is liking the vinegar and hot water solution!