Day 7&8: Won't You Be Mine?

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Happy Valentine's Day! I don't know about everyone else, but I absolutely adore flowers! I love the vibrant colors, scents, and shapes! 

When I was little, Tanya Tucker sang a song that talked about a faded flower from years gone by. What I found in my boxes were definitely from days gone by! Apparently at some point I thought that silk flowers would never fade and had a time just letting them go, even when the color has faded away. 

Now, now, now...I'm not all against silk flowers, but I do believe they have their place and time, and I know some people have allergies and could never really keep a pretty live petal in their home. 

But, there is something to be said about having the fresh beauty of a colorful flower in your home. A fresh cut flower, a sweet scented bouquet from the florist, or a pretty potted tulip not only brings a touch of color, but a sense of life into a room. 

Plus, if you do opt for a potted pretty, they help to keep the air around you fresh by replenishing oxygen and providing vitality into everyday life. Flowers are not just for a pretty garden, there are plenty that can be kept on a sunny window sill or dressing up a table. 

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Have you ever admired an orchid perched upon a shelf when entering a room? There is something about the subtle lines and gracefulness of an orchid that breaths life into a room. It is almost as if you really do not need more, as it seems to steal the show on its own. 

Or what about a vibrant basket of spring fresh tulips? Their bright petals peeking up to the Heavens in hopes of a sun kissed April shower. 

Whichever flower you pick, let it be a reflection of what is inside of you. Let is show the world the vibrancy of your own life. 

Happy Valentine's Day!