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I don't know about all of you, but the rising gas prices have left me pulling my hair out. And I'm sure many of you can relate to not being able to purchase an electric vehicle anytime soon. Besides, I'd never make the round trip between work and home on the current mileage capacity they brag about. 

So, for now, I'm sticking with my trusty mid-sized sedan. But, did you know that keeping your car organized can help you save money at the pump? Yes, it can. By lightening the load in your vehicle, you can reduce the weight of your vehicle and save on fuel. 

So, here are a few essentials for saving fuel:

Carry only what is necessary in your trunk. Since we are approaching summer, you'll only need the basic gear in case you get stuck: fully inflated spare, jack, tire iron, flares, and rain parka. 

Check your glove compartment. This is more for simplicity and organization sake, but keeping your glove compartment to the basics helps in those moments where you are asked for your license and registration. I keep my owner's manual, registration, a pen, tire pressure guage, hand sanitizer and bandaids in my glove compartment. Oh, and a small lint brush since I have dogs. 

I also have a storage compartment in my arm rest. Since this is the age of iPods and smartphones, I only keep a charger for my phone, iPod, and an audio jack for my iPod. 

Grab and go. Almost everywhere has a trash can handy, so whenever I get out of the car, I grab that used kleenex or empty soda cup so that my car is left in order

Not only does keeping your car neat and clean help save money, but can also perk up your mood and help reduce stress. Or, at least it does for me!