Where No Man Dares to Go: A Woman's Purse

Courtesy of stylehive.com
This one's for the ladies! How many of you feel absolutely naked if you walk out the door without your coveted purse? I know the majority of you are shaking your heads in agreement. But, let me ask you: how many of you are weighing yourself down with way too much in a way too large purse? My chiropractor is shaking his head right now. 

So, let's make this blog short and sweet: what is necessary to keep in our purses? I know that it varies between women on whether they are a mom of toddlers, a mom of teens, or just a plain old single gal like myself. I learned early from my mom that my purse is more of a form of function than it is a fashion statement. You see, my 80s style frames didn't fit so neatly into those 80s style clutches and still have room for the necessities. My mom also taught me that being a mom required a few extra items in her purse, too. 

So, what are the necessities? As I said, it varies, but for the bare minimum (this is a minimalist blog), the simpler the better!

Identification: Let's just face it, you really cannot get much done in life without some form of identification, whether it be your passport, drivers license, state or work ID. The one thing I should point out, do not carry your social security card in your purse. If your wallet or purse are stolen, the combination of your SS card and your other ID could lead to greater headaches later down the line.

Access to Cash: Whether it be a $20 on hand, a check card, or a checkbook, it is always best to have cash near at hand for any need or emergency. Some even only carry the debit card and one blank check just in case, keeping the checkbook at home.

Medical Information: Most notably your medical insurance card. I also carry an index card with necessary medical information that may be needed in the event of an emergency. It contains any known medical conditions, doctor names and numbers, and current medications. 

Beauty Needs: Or rather, makeup and a comb. I know for me, these two items are probably the most used items next to my cash. You don't need to carry a full makeup bag in your purse, but just enough to get by in case you are stranded for more than a few days. Generally, a compact, lip gloss, concealer, mascara, a comb, nail clippers and file. 

Pen & Paper: I know that if I don't have one in my purse, the need for pen and paper seems inevitable. In fact, after loaning (and not getting back) my pen recently, I needed a pen the next day. Panic always seems to ensue when one or the other cannot be found.

Now, since I'm not a mom, but know quite a few, but carrying a couple of extra items can always come in handy. Like, a small packet of wipes, a couple of band-aids, and sometimes an extra diaper just in case. 

So, the question is, what do you carry in your purse? What did I not include in mine? Well...reading glasses, tylenol, and some mint gum. Oh, and let's not forget my cell phone and keys!