Creeping Clutter

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Even when you think you get a handle on clutter, it seems to keep creeping back over and over and over again. It seems to breed! Just like the dust bunnies that live under the bed. But does it need to be so overwhelming? Life happens, right?

Despite wanting to become an aficionado of simplification and moderation in my home, I let it slip and now I sit face to face with a spare room where clutter seems to multiply each time I open the door. Yes, part of it is living in an apartment without any storage space for things like my bicycle, vacuum, and the like, so my guest room becomes somewhat of a catch-all.

Plus, it doesn’t help that the ex-boyfriend purchased me a charcoal grill that takes up way too much space in my one storage closet, thus causing more headaches in my search for organization. I should just ask him to come and get it and free up that precious space that the bicycle still doesn’t fit into.

I have a cute little apartment and I don’t have the desire to move anytime soon. Although, moving does seem to help one purge more. So, I don’t want to move just to have more space for my stuff. That defeats the purpose and just causes headaches and costs too much. I’m content where I am.

So, the whole point of this blog post today is to say that if the clutter seems to have creeped back up on  your home, don’t fret…you are not alone. Just take it one step at a time to regain control. Sometimes just taking a dust rag and running the vacuum can make a world of difference when everything else seems to just seem ominous. 


  1. I have to admit that writing this blog served as a motivational tool for myself. I have reclaimed my kitchen, living room, and soon to be bedroom! I'm still scared of my guest room, but plan on at least starting on one corner today.

  2. Your guest room reminds me of my bedroom. This year is 5 years of being single so there happens to be 5 years of clutter in there since I have a tendency to sleep on the couch lol


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