Desperately Seeking Clean Kitchens

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HELP! HELP ME! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! Yes, that is the cry heard somewhere deep beneath the depths of clutter in my (gulp) kitchen! I keep trying to find ways to make it nice, neat, tidy and clutter free, only to find unopened mail piling up, dishes in the sink, and heaven knows what else.

I really do try to make an effort in the kitchen. I want it to be a place where I feel at ease cooking, serving, and entertaining when friends are over. But I just keep falling short. 

I take the Flylady ( seriously by shining my sink when I remember. Usually after a good buffing, it will continue to look good for about a month. The, I lose momentum and back to square one. Now, I do admit that one of the reasons for my fear of my kitchen at the moment is because of a lovely visitor that I found in the bottom of my mixing bowl...a half-dollar sized spider who was not at all pleased to be there and his untimely demise that came after the deadly screams. I'm  now afraid to dive into that cabinet now for fear there be more. EEEK!!!!! (Can you tell I like spiders? NOT)

So, I am coming to you, my all loving and caring readers, in search for kitchen solutions that work for you? Tell me how you have conquered the kitchen and what tips and tools you used. I'd even welcome a guest blog on the subject if you feel up to the task. (Really!)

So, for now, while I wait patiently for your replies, I'll be hiding in the corner with another frying pan at the ready for the next spider to come into sight. 


  1. Never throw out anything that can be of use. Those spaghetti sauce jars, jelly jars, etc. are reusable and washable provided you peel off the label (hot water and soap will do the trick) and they make great storage for leftover food. Unlike plastic, they won't melt in the dishwasher and there's no worries of chemicals leaching into your food. You are also being environmentally friendly.

    Something excessively dirty? Put it in a dishpan and pour baking soda and vinegar on it and let it soak. This will go a LONG way toward releasing anything burnt on/stuck on.

    If you're using an automatic dishwasher(no, letting Boots or Sampson lick it doesn't count lol) buy a box of 20 Mule Team borax and put a little bit in the bottom of the dishwasher. This will keep your dishes from spotting up and keep the dishwasher draining better as well.


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