Clean Dresser Tops and Cleaning Frenzies

Amazing what a shiny surface can do and inspire!
My bedroom had been feeling quite uncontrolled lately, even after attacking my bedroom closet last weekend. I couldn't quite put my finger on what the problem was. I vacuumed a couple of times a week. I put my clothes away and dirty in a hamper. I'm constantly putting doggy toys in a toy box and my shoes in the closet. 

So, why did it always seem like my bedroom was a cluttered mess? My dresser and nightstand. 

Tags and stickers from new purchases had never made their way to a trash can. Jewelry not put away in their proper spots. An unused purse sitting there hogging space. An unmatched sock and a couple of rogue buttons. Plus, the dust! Yuck! The dust! In fact, it seemed like I've been fighting dust all over my home, and I was tired of losing.

So, this morning started off with just putting things on my dresser in their rightful places, which did not include the dresser top. It wasn't hard. Most of the items didn't require me to even step away from the dresser in the first place, and took less than 5 minutes to even manage...including dusting the dresser itself. 

It is amazing what a shiny surface can do and inspire! Clean sheets on the bed that is now neatly made with pillows exactly where they should be. Doggy beds taken out and dusted off and put neatly back in place. Nightstand decluttered and dusted. Floors vacuumed and baseboards dusted. Nothing left out of place.

I didn't stop there: the puppy crate cleaned and deorderized, living room furniture dusted and cleaned, floors mopped and vacuumed and linens washed, folded, and put away. The place is spotless and clean! Perfect for company to come over and hang out! Now if only the puppies will keep it that way!

The wisdom that comes from this experience is that just one clean, clutter-free surface can make a world of difference. Even the Flylady starts off with a shiny sink. There is just something about a shiny surface that empowers us to do more in our homes. To make the rest of the house to match that shiny surface. It makes us feel good and accomplished. It makes us feel free and less encumbered. 

So, what is your shiny surface that inspires you to go on a cleaning frenzy? Is it your sink? Is it your dining room table? Is it your dresser top? Whatever it is...embrace it and make the most of it!