Decluttering Myself First

A beacon of hope
I'd need to look back and check when the first blog was written, but I'm going to assume that I'm coming close to my first year of blogging about simplifying my life. Is my life picture perfect and pristine? Absolutely not! 

One of the things that seems to keep getting in the way of my journey is no one else but myself. I've purchased several books on decluttering and read countless blogs and articles on minimizing life. Thing is, it may seem simply easy to just make those changes physically; however, you have to make changes internally before you can successfully make the changes stick. 

It's like a diet and exercise regime: you have to commit yourself and to actually make the changes inside and out to succeed. You can't just jump on a treadmill today and expect to see results immediately. You have to modify your eating habits, revamp your pantry, and move your body. No pill or gadget is going to make a quick fix.

One of the things that I struggle with is the whole idea of shiny objects. If it catches my attention, I want it! I've just gotta have that glittery piece that will probably sit on a shelf and collect dust. Just like the TV trays I bought at Pottery Barn a few years back. Some things wind up cluttering up my counter space without even coming out of its packaging because it lost its allure somewhere between the store and home. I forget about it and then I become overwhelmed when it is joined by other wayward items and mail piling up.

Before I can see success in my journey to simplification and a decluttered life, I first need to go on a spending diet. I need to stop binging on shiny objects, cut back on frivolous spending, and purge myself of things that don't make me happy or overwhelm me. 

I've made wondrous leaps and bounds already with last year's journey by purging the books and clothes I had before. This year it is time to make deeper changes in behavior, which personally to me is a lot harder than parting with my life long book collection. Will you join me on this journey? 


  1. I'll join you!!! Actually LAST year one of my THREE 2011 goals was to "simplify and declutter". I can completely relate to the loss of the alure between store and home, and I've had to even hold back on buying "necessities" like clothes for the kids before I purge the old round of dirty/torn/outgrown ones. I'm right there with you this year!!! I hope my life can become more simple, easier to manage, and more full of the "stuff" that matters ...that being relationships with those we love!!


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