God's A-Ha Moments

Yesterday was been a series of "A-ha" moments. And all surrounding the word "gluttony". My church is doing a sermon series on Self Denial, and yesterday was on gluttony and learning how to stop idolizing food and learning to use it and exercise as tools to worship God. I mean, come on...how many times is food talked about in a good way in the Bible! It can't all be that bad. 

But it only becomes bad when we use it for things other than for fueling our bodies...properly. Portion control was one of the big points, as was moderate exercise. He made a very good point that by over eating and not exercising, we become sluggish and unproductive...even in our work. I see it in my own life. And it all makes sense to me. 

The second "a-ha" moment was while waiting for a friend, I picked up my Kindle and continued reading the book "Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spritiual Fitness" by Candace Cameron Bure (you know, DJ from Full House). She talks about the exact same subject as my pastor does. 

To quote her: "Many women live their entire lives in bondage to food, never discovering the keys to unlocking the chains. God has equipped us with every key we need to unlock our freedom and live a victorious life. If willpower, belief, decision, or action has let you down in the past, try combining the four for success. 

"At times it can feel like we're climbing a mountain, especially for those who have a hundred pounds or more to take off. But it can be done. You can be released from this bondage to food. With each step and each prayer, you are making a difference, so grab onto the keys and begin unlocking that freedom." 

Just what I needed to hear, right? Ah, but there was a third "a-ha" moment. The third came in the form of a blog I just happened to stumble upon. efinn.blogspot.com/2012/ 03/convicted.html The author of the blog just happens to be speaking to this very subject with the same "a-ha" moment for her! I highly encourage you to check out what she has to say on this very subject. 

I don't know about you, but I'm one to believe that God has a way of smacking us across the head with consistently throwing the same words at us repeatedly from different sources. Today, my sources were my pastor, Candace's book, and the blog. I think I need to listen...and act.