Motivation: Wherefore Art Thou

Motivation is often found in knowing the end result
Here I am...early March and my home is almost back to square one. What the?! What happened to the determination? What happened to the inspiration? Okay, so it's not as bad as that. It could be worse. Much worse.

What's lacking? Motivation. Incentive. Drive. 

You'd think that my desire to be the next big thing in blogging would be my motivation, but even the urge to write has been lacking. What happened? What's the deal? Well, part of it is just plain laziness (Yes...There! I said it!)...the other part is weather (Wait! What? This gorgeous weather has been an issue?).


 adj \ˈlā-zē\
a : disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorousb : encouraging inactivity or indolence <a lazy summer day>
: moving slowly : sluggish

So what can I do about the laziness? Well, for one I could stop sitting here playing Words with Friends and do something about it. What does the Flylady say? It only takes 15 minutes to make a difference? Then what is my problem? The kitchen timer is sitting right here in front of me! There is no excuse...except maybe accountability.


 adj \ə-ˈkan-tə-bəl\
: subject to giving an account : answerable <held heraccountable for the damage>
: capable of being accounted for : explainable

How can I be held more accountable? Good question. The desire to invite friends over for coffee or to hang out would be one way to be held more accountable. And, right now, I have 2 weeks to get my apartment in tip-top shape before my girlfriends come over for a jewelry party. Hmmm...there's part of my accountability. The other is so I can at least have one new blog a week. 

As for the is more likely the best's's windy...and I want to hibernate. No? Not an excuse? The past couple of weeks have produced the 8th warmest winter in Indiana's history. We've had springlike weather all month long and all I want to do is be outside. Well, I tell you what...I've got a storage unit out there that's begging to be cleaned up...and it's not. I could open up the windows (well, not today) and let in the clean, fresh air and air out this stale apartment.

No excuse for no motivation. I've given reason for not using each of these excuses to my advantage. So, what's next? Getting off my duff and doing something about it. Hmm...that breakfast bar needs a little attention. Let's see what 15 minutes can do to it...

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  1. sometimes, I think what is laziness is simply depression. The lack of sunshine is really tiresome for me during these winter months. My doctor said many times when a person is sort of depressed, he gets a second wind later in the day. That is often what happens to me. Not sure why this is true, but it seems to be the case.

  2. Beth, I can relate to that. Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD) is a real thing and many people experience it. That's why spring cleaning is such a big thing...people regain the energy from sunnier, warmer days to do the things that need to be done. I told my therapist that even this time of year is when I'm most motivated to lose weight and succeed. So, there definitely is something to it. Plus, that pint of ice cream I devoured the other night might be another indicator of depression. Thanks for the insight!

  3. You hit home for me, Brenda. After my little delve into working that 62 hour week I had NO energy whatsoever. I went for a week without working out at all and was devouring everything that got in my way. When a coworker brought in pizza at various assorted times of the day....well, you get the picture.

    As I've made it known before I am diabetic. I've managed to keep it under control with exercise and have been losing weight. Try going a week without exercise and devouring everything you get your hands on PLUS a sweet tea at your side most of the day at work. Sluggish and no motivation at this point. My shirts are just a tad snugger as are my pants. I MUST change things again.

    Yesterday I had one sweet tea for breakfast and it was water the rest of the day. Instead of chicken strips for lunch I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich on wheat. I woke up at 4am this morning pretty awake so I took that time to spend about 20 minutes on the gazelle before lying back down.

    I'm also happy to see you mentioned depression. I'll make it public and say I've pondered going back to the doctor to get my Prozac refilled. I was told last year about this time I was suffering from SAD as well and went on the med's to help. The only issue is I'll hear about my weight. It doesn't seem to matter that my clothes (up until the last couple of days anyway) are looser and I'm fitting into clothes I couldn't wear before. All that matters is some stinking number and I'll hear about how unhealthy I am once again. Sheesh, have some humanity here and understand I'll never be a skinny minnie!!!!

    1. Steele Guy, you can do it! I know you can! As for SAD, I purchased a sunrise simulator clock and I tell you what - it works! I find it easier to get up in the morning. Now if I can just get up and work out on the treadmill before work, I'd be one step closer. So, I'm right there with you! So, we can do this!

  4. That may be something I need to look into investing in next year. I'm just so looking forward to warmer weather and longer days where that the boys and I can get out and walk. To the end of the road is approximately 1 1/2 miles and 1 1/2 miles back. I also have an Ab Lounge in the garage but I'm not sure I have enough room to bring it in.

    I might never be "skinny" again but I do have to get in better shape!!!

    1. I'm looking forward to days like that, too. My two dogs and I need to get out and walk more.


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