Fall Closet Decluttering

It's fall! My favorite time of year! I love the changing colors of the trees, the aroma of bon fires burning in the distance, and I love the cooler temperatures after what has been a long hot summer. 

It's also the time of year where we switch out our summer gear for our winter gear. Time to switch out the shorts and flip flops for leggings and boots. Tanks tops for warm sweaters.

It's also a great time to purge! Yes, I said PURGE! I love starting the winter with a neatly organized closet, so I like to pull everything (yes, I said everything) out and neatly put it back in it's place. It's a huge undertaking, but I always feel good when I do it.

What you need are three baskets, a strong will, and determination. Label one basket KEEP. Another GIVE. The last TRASH.

KEEP: Keep clothes and shoes that fit and make you feel good. Use storage bins to pack away summer items. I generally will unpack my winter gear at the same time I'm packing my summer items. That way I use the same bins and use less space. Space saving idea is to use bins that fit under beds.

GIVE: Give gently used clothing and shoes that don't fit right or just don't make you feel good. Just because you don't feel good in it doesn't mean there is someone who will absolutely adore it. You could possibly earn money on items that look like or are new by taking them to consignment shops. Or, make someone's day by giving to a local charity. Church's will oftentimes have clothing programs for those in need. Finally, there are always the old standbys of Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

TRASH: Throw away any thread-bare clothing or worn out shoes. Let's face it. Shredded jeans are so 5 years ago, and we know you didn't buy them that way. That t-shirt that you love has more holes than swiss cheese. It's time to part ways. Give something else in your closet the same love you had for those crazy pajama bottoms that now have frayed bottoms. Or those shoes where the soles are about to fall off. Partying is such sweet sorrow, but letting go can be freeing.

Once you are done, look at your closet. How can you best organize things to work more in your favor. Some might organize by color, but I organize by type. Jeans go with jeans. Tops with tops. Skirts with skirts. Jackets and blazers with, well...yes...jackets and blazers. For me it makes sense with the way my closet is set up: a U-shape with a long sinle rack in the middle, two shorter racks to the right and shelves to the left. The shelves are organized with sweaters and sweatshirts, baskets for belts and scarves, and things that are used less often up high. To the left, I hang blazers and jackets up high and hang jeans and slacks below them. The longer rack is separated out by tops and dresses. Shoes go on the back of the door and boots along the wall. 

But don't let the way I organize my closet determine how to best organize your own. Each closet is set up differently. If you don't have much storage space, but lots of closet room, you might consider investing in shelving from Lowe's, Menard's, or Home Depot. Even Target and Walmart carry closet systems. Even doing searches on closet organizing ideas can come up with some great ideas and layouts that might work for you.

Happy organizing!