Gold Star Success

I love my gold stars! I really do! Since my blog Sparking to a Better You, I've found that using the tiny, shiny, gold, tin-foil stars are a reward any girl with some sense of bling can enjoy!

I remember as a little girl getting excited each time she did something that pleased her teachers to earn a gold star. Forget the green, red, or silver stars! The gold star is a powerhouse on it's own.

The rewards based system is working, too. It's been a full two weeks since I've started awarding myself gold stars for getting up on time and for working a full eight hour day. My calendar is becoming a beautiful array of gold stars. And the rewards don't stop there.

I'm finding that I can't wait to put the gold stars on the calendar each morning and each evening. I want to display my calendar in full view so that everyone can see the success I'm making by rewarding myself these glittery delights. They just plain work.

The monetary aspect of it helps some, too. My first reward for a full month of gold stars will be going to Little Nashville in Brown County, Indiana. It's a cute little town known for it's shops and gorgeous landscape during the fall months. I can't wait to go. You see, each gold star has a monetary value to them. And a full week of them has another value to them. In the end, I'll wind up with enough money to spend on my little trip.

Using a rewards based system can work for you, too. All you need is something to motivate you to reach your goal, something to track your rewards, and finally the reward for reaching that goal. What it took for me was a $9 calendar and $2.50 gold stars. I already have a snazzy container to stash my cash (it says "Chocolate Funds"...LOL!). 

I encourage you to set goals that are easy to reach in daily, weekly, and monthly increments. Making goals that are easy to attain makes the process much smoother and easier to succeed. So, with that...YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!