It just needs a little dusting
Here we are, a week into the new year and frustration is already taking over. I've basically been sick since the last weekend of 2012 and have been bed ridden with this gunk since then. Nothing like ringing in the new year snoring away.

One of my frustrations is putting what I know into action. I know how to eat healthy, so why don't I just put that into practice. Well, for cream is my Achilles heal. It isn't just the taste, or the
texture, it's just that I can't seem to get enough of it. As a friend has recently pointed out to me, people who struggle with hypothyroidism crave cold things as they stimulate the thyroid hormone production. Something my body is sorely lacking. So, in order to get past my ice cream cravings, I'm just going to have to not keep it in the house. 

Another part of that is that I am single. I don't like to cook just for one as I just wind up wasting a lot of leftovers. And, just isn't that fun to do. So, I tend to eat out...a lot. Now, I know that there are some really yummy pre-cooked, frozen meals that are healthy (Kashi, Amy's, and a few others), but they tend to get boring to me (and like a Big Mac 3 times a week isn't boring enough?). But it is just a matter of serving up a salad and throwing a meal in the microwave and enjoying something that is more wholesome (or somewhat more wholesome) than McDonald's. 

And lastly, I know my way around a gym. I know how to use the equipment. I have a gym membership. But, why do I get so frustrated when I go (or like right now, can't go - doctor's orders)? I think it is because while I have all this knowledge, it isn't fully linked together to make a difference. So, my plan is to work with a personal trainer for a month (28 days to make a habit) and have them help me put the puzzle pieces together.  Sound like a plan? I think so. Right now it is just a matter of when, as I have no idea how much longer this crud is going to hold on.

So, there you have it...the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a single gal looking to get healthy in 2013. How am I ever going to do it?!!!


  1. Stinkin' AT&T! I posted a response from my phone and it never appeared obviously.

    My downfall is frosting and Tootsie Rolls (two things I need like a hole in the head). I have a soda here and there but not very often. Eating out, especially for breakfast, is a toughie for me. Even on the go, going to Lowe's to get something for the house, it can be tempting to eat out because of the convenience.

    At this time last year, I was on my way to losing 12 pounds thanks to working out on the gazelle daily. Now, I've even lost my motivation to do that it seems. The thing is sitting right in front of me here in the living room and I know I'll feel better to get on there and exercise; I always do. It just seems there's no motivation anymore and it's easier to sit down.

    We WILL lose weight!!! We can do this!!! I've got about 50 pounds to lose and I plan on losing them!!!

    1. You can do it, Ron! I know you can! You were so excited and going strong when you were. I know that your circumstances right now can bring someone down, too, but know that even when we feel defeated, we can succeed.

  2. Slow and steady wins the race!!! The best thing I did last year, and plan to do this year, is set a goal and have a "plan". It seemed less overwhelming somehow. I was able to focus on each day independently. And there were days when I didn't follow the plan, and that was okay. I found that by not having a goal, I would dive in 200%, and then fade to nothing. I'm sure my average was okay, but I was operating in two extremes. Set small goals, and slowly build. Set days where you know you will rest, and be okay with those days. I'm just gettin ready to dive back into a program, and it excites me! My goal? My third half marathon!! I never ran 13 miles in my collective life before 39, but now I've got two halfs under my belt. I never liked running, but having a "program" (weights, a trainer, a running plan) helped me. Rest is good for the body too, so don't feel bad when you need it! Get proper nutrition, and supplement (Juice Plus is awesome) to help you not get so sick. I believe in you, Bren!!! You CAN do this!! Marge =)

  3. Thank you, Marge!!! I didn't think you were a runner but was excited when I saw you finished the 1/2. That is awesome! I know I can do this. I used to be really good about going to the gym, but at that time, you found 1/2 of JRM at the gym at one time, so you always had a workout partner. I've tried the fast and furious and wore myself out before I really ever got going. I think starting out sick has slowed me down and I think I have the right mind to do this right this time around. I've got the tools, the gear, and hopefully by this time next week, the personal trainer. I just have to remind him that I'm not out for the Biggest Loser and losing mega pounds immediately. I'm wanting to make lifestyle enhancements where weight loss is the benefit. I'll definitely check out the Juice Plus. Never heard of it before. But I'll definitely check it out! Oh, and one last absolutely does help when you have people believe in you!!!!! Hugs, Bren!


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