I'm Melting! I'm Melting!

I'm having a meltdown. A mental meltdown. And I don't know what to do. It would seem so easy to just take a Valium and be done and over with it, but sometimes, that just seems to make things worse. In my case, I need to face my demons and get them out of the way.

So, with a deep breath, here we go. While I love the cold and snow, I hate the dark, dreary days that go with winter. Today is an exception, except that when the alarm goes off and it is dark, and when I drive to work it is dark, and when I drive home it is dark. I'm tired of the dark. For some reason, seeing the sun today triggered the mother of all breakdowns.

So, what happened? I froze. I couldn't think. I couldn't act. I couldn't do anything...but cry. I really don't like to cry, but it seems like the thing I do best these days. I don't like the feelings that come with the tears: frustration, fear, exhaustion, and just plain sadness. Sure, I can medicate to the hearts desire, but why do that when they won't let me experience the other emotions like joy, excitement, and happiness. 

When it comes to a meltdown, there are things you can do to help ease the pain and suffering that goes along with them. And in some cases, prevent them from becoming public spectacles (yes, I have been banned from Sprint because of one). I'm no psychologist and don't pretend to even be one, but here are a few things that seem to help me.

Take slow deep breaths to settle the heart rate. Close your eyes and envision your breaths taking you slowly and methodically to a happier place.

There is nothing wrong about being expressive. I have a blog that allows me an outlet to be expressive. Take the time to write, paint, draw, play a musical instrument. All are releases to help take you away to a happier place.

Get Out
Go outside. Even if it is cold, rainy, snowy, or foggy. Just go outside. Imagine yourself as a child and dance in the rain. Bask in the sunlight. Play in the snow. Write messages on a window in the fog. Breath in deep the fresh air and release those inner demons.

Call Someone
Call a friend, a family member, or a pastor. Talking about what is causing your meltdown with a confidant helps you to understand what you are feeling and why. They may offer advice on how to get past this hurdle in life and help guide you into the right direction of life.

There are more, but I can't think of them right now. Anyway, those are just a few of the ways I release myself when a meltdown occurs. This particular blog is helping me through one right now. Hopefully it will help you when you experience one, too.

IMPORTANT: If the feelings you are experiencing are too overwhelming and you have thoughts of hurting yourself, call 911 immediately!!!! I cannot express that enough. Get help! There are wonderful, caring professionals out there who can help walk you through these times and help you get past it.