It's the Little Things in Life

Sampson and Boots sunning on my bed.
My source of a warm heart.
A soft kiss on the cheek. A warm nuzzle of a furry friend. A postcard received. A butterfly passing by. 

Whatever the moment, it's the small ones that can count the most. It's those little things that warm our hearts and make us smile. They are the things that make the world seem a much better place.

How can you warm a heart today? Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Send a postcard to a friend who has been down lately.  Make it a cheery scene or a picturesque scene from a far off land. Write words of encouragement to lift them up or a witty phrase to make them laugh.
  • Take cookies to a new neighbor. Let them know they are welcomed into the neighborhood and that if they have any questions, just to feel free to ask.
  • Don't text or facebook with a friend. Call them up and invite them out for dinner or drinks. Laugh it up over fun times and fond memories.
  • Visit the elderly. Bring a bouquet of flower to set on their window sill or bedside. Listen intently to their stories as they hold lessons to be learned in our life.
  • Offer to babysit for a frazzled mom. Give them a chance to get out and do what they need to recharge their batteries.
How can you help warm a heart today? I'd love to see your ideas.