Decluttering Under the Bathroom Sink

Are you like me that every time you open the cabinets to reach for something under your bathroom sink you shudder? 

Are you like me that every time you go to look for something under there you sometimes just plain give up the search?

Have you actually lost a cleaning supply item under there?

Are your curlers lying amok under your sink?

If you answered yes, it's time to take 15 minutes and figure out what is under there. Since I have an organizer next to my sink that holds my blow dryer and curling iron, those were no longer needed under the sink. I found that all I really needed down there were the essentials. For me these are cotton swabs, cotton balls, cleaners, curlers, nail kit, and bath salts (the Epsom kind, not the drug).

For such a small amount of real estate, we often try to shove everything, but the kitchen sink under there...especially when we know that company is coming over. But why do that. Do we really need everything that we've shoved under there? I found things that I know I'll never need (who needs 100 curlers head isn't that big and I sure don't have that much hair). Or why was my jewelry bag under there and not with my jewelry boxes on my dresser? 

I have no idea why or what my reasoning was, but for some reason it became a catch all for things I wanted hidden. The question is, what really does need to be hidden, and you know there is a house guest somewhere out there who is snoopy enough to look under there. 

So, why not take 15 minutes (it took me less than that) to go through, do a purge and clean, and reclaim that precious real estate under the bathroom sink.


  1. My cousin made a great observation about the use of the space under the sink on my Facebook link. She stated:

    Oh, but you're missing so much storage room under there! Buy a plastic bin that has a pull out drawer, to hold things like the cotton balls, q-tips, etc. It may have to set up on an old magazine to make the clearance of the door. Then the pretty things, like the lotion, can sit on top and you have LOTS more space. Ditto with cleaners on the other side, though a strong top on the storage bin would be a must.

    With her words, I immediately went in search of a few under sink storage solution ideas. Here they are:

  2. WOOT WOOT ! Nothing like a decluttered area ! YOU GO, GIRL ! I have bins, under mine, from the dollar store - 1 bins contains all moisturizers (scented); 1 has hair products, 1 has beauty products - q-tips, tampons, etc... and the cleaning products lie outside of those - keep me organized and less cluttered ! :D


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