Finding that Inner Peace

Today I have come to a place of greater understanding and peace. I have reached a point in my life where I can sit back, breath in, relax, and know that all is good in this world. But it did not come easily.

Or did it. 

When I posted the blog 15 Minutes, I did not realize exactly what those 15 minutes a day would bring. That 15 minutes a day has helped me reclaim pieces of my life that I had forgotten about. It has help me shed unwanted clutter and loose the things that did not make me happy. Those 15 minutes a day helped me to become a better person.

Since writing that blog, my kitchen has sparkled and shined for two weeks straight. My rocking chair in my bedroom has been free of clothing for over a week. My bathroom counter has been clutter free and everything in its place for a week. I'm achieving a place of nirvana that I never knew existed.

As I sit here in my bedroom rocking chair, I am at peace. I look around me and everything in my line of sight is in its place. My nightstand is clutter free with only my Bible, Kindle, lamp and prayer box. My bed is perfectly made and has been since I got up this morning. Nothing is out of its place on the floor or the dresser.

Last night after months of frustration decided it was time to take 15 minutes to lighten the load of a drawer that had been hard to open and close. I tried on every piece in there and had quickly discarded what I didn't love, had not worn in over a year, and did not fit. In 15 minutes I had a new bag of clothes for a trip to a charity store, and my drawer now opens and closes with ease. 

It only took me 5 minutes to put the shoes on the closest floor back in their respective places on the back of the closet door. 

It only took me 2 minutes to rinse off my dirty dishes and place them in the emptied dishwasher...then dry and shine my sink.

It only took me 2 minutes to make my bed.

It doesn't take long at all to reach a point where you can find your own inner sense of peace within your surroundings. For me, it was 15 minutes a day. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not nearly finished yet. This week's assignment by the Flylady is my living room. While not a disaster zone, I know it needs work and I'm ready to tackle it...15 minutes at a time.