What to Do With All of This Stuff

Stuff...that's what I like to call it. Stuff. It sounds a lot better than just calling it clutter. I would hope that I'm not collecting junk or becoming a hoarder. But considering that I have this deep down desire to purge and give away or get rid of extra "stuff", I'm pretty certain the term hoarder does not belong to me.

So, as you declutter, and the piles of "stuff" begins to grow, the question of where to send it comes to mind. Well, today's blog is going to answer just that. My favorites are charities. And with the economy rocky these days, charities are in dire need of goods to help those in need. 

For furniture or electronics (in working order), contact the St. Vincent DuPaul Society. Your goods go to help displaced families rebuild after losing things to fires, floods, and the like. 

For clothing, ask your local church if they have something like a Samaritan's Closet to help cloth people in need. 

For work suits, Dress for Success is always an option to help women in need re-enter the workforce.

For formal attire, contact your local high school as they may be able to help in donating dresses to low income girls for prom, winter formal, and the like.

And the final 3: Goodwill (helps people with developmental disabilities enter the workforce), AmVets (helps in various ways to honor veterans), and Salvation Army (to help with their ARC ministry to help men and women struggling with addictions)

So, remember, if it doesn't fit, you don't love it, you haven't worn it in over a year...it is time to bless someone else with it. Give to one of these charities and watch the smiles of those who will benefit from your generosity.