Closets: Time to Purge

For the past several days, I've come across articles and blogs about organizing the closet. I had already done this back at Thanksgiving, giving away all of the clothes I could no longer wear or had not worn in over a year. I basically had given up all of the clothes that I had hoped to fit into one day again.

However, most of these articles stress that we should not only purge the things that are too small, but the things that are too big, too. Just as wearing clothes that are too small make us look lumpy and bigger, so do clothes that fit like tents. We may think we're hiding our imperfections, when in fact we are only emphasizing them.

The articles went on to express how dressing for our body now, not only makes us feel more comfortable, but can enhance the positives of where we are now. They talk about skirts that flatter legs. Cute tops that cover bulgy arms, but bring attention to a smaller waist. Or wearing jeans that fit just right can give us a figure we may not have realized we had. Oh, they emphasized wearing the proper size foundations, too.

So, I decided to do as the articles had encouraged, and purged the things that no longer fit (in a good way). Since losing 25 lbs over the past few months, I found that over half of my wardrobe needed to go. I was surprised at how much better some tops fit, as well as some bottoms that I had held onto from the previous purge (thank goodness, too...or else I wouldn't have anything to wear!). 

What I found is that my closet fit better in the end. I wasn't having to shove and try to wedge clean clothes in there. I had room. And not room to grow, per se. I am no longer holding onto things that I might need again. No, I'm not going back there again. I'm done with that size. I may be happy where I am right now, but I'm not content there either. I'm continuing my journey to better health and weight loss. I'm continuing my journey to lose weight. I want my next purge to require me to go on a shopping spree, because everything is way too big.