I'm Not All That. Really...I'm Not

I'm a hot mess looking for a way out of this mess
I'm not "born organized" as Flylady loves to call it. In no way, shape, or form am I naturally decluttered, neat and organized. In fact, I fight it tooth and nail. Okay, so I really don't fight it...I just cave in to being known as a *sidetracked home executive* (another Flylady term). 

I am a perfectionist through and through. But with that, I get discouraged very easily. Especially when it comes to my home. I have every intention of having my home in a neat and orderly fashion; however, I lose steam. Plain and simple as that. I get discouraged.

So, why on earth does someone who struggles with organization and simplification have a blog on that very subject? Because I know there are others out there like me who are looking for a way to get back their lives one piece of clutter at a time. This blog is about my journey getting there, and yes, some of my blog topics can become a bit...well...sidetracked. 

I'm writing tonight's blog because I feel the need to come clean and let you know who I really am. I'm disorganized. I'm easily flustered. I cry every time I open my guest room door. I need help. And that is what birthed this blog: My inner and utmost desire to appear as if I really were born organized even if I'm a perfectionist who gets flustered at the word declutter.

Some of my blogs are genuine and others I feel are *forced*. The genuine blogs come when I really have an a-ha moment. The forced ones are when I'm fishing for a topic and am just not really feeling the one I've picked. In fact, I've noticed that my short snippets of advice and encouragement on my Living Simply Sassy Classy Facebook page get more attention than my actual blogs. Kind of depressing really. But I keep on pressing, because I know from the bottom of my heart that there is someone, maybe just one person out there who will learn or glean something from my ramblings.

I'm only holding out for kindred spirits who feel lost in a world of disorganization, but desire to be set free! Just like me! I'm getting there. I actually am trying to become a SME (subject matter expert) on the subject of decluttering and simplification. I know it can be done. 

So, how does someone who gets so sidetracked by life itself get their home to look as if someone born organized lives there? It's not easy...yet it is. I do it in 15 minute spurts. Even if it one 15 minute spurt a day. I follow Flylady's daily flight plan...not always to a "T", but I make every attempt. So far, I feel that I can have friends drop by at any given moment and not feel embarrassed to let them in the door. 

I've had help. I've already mentioned the Flylady. And, my last blog was on accountability partners (especially mine). My favorite website is Better Homes and Gardens for inspiration. And I read the Becoming Minimalist blog as often as I can. Life can become easier. I know it can. I'm still waiting for it to be a cake walk, but for now, I'm hiding my skeletons in my guest room closet. 

So, if you are willing to take on this adventure with me, I'd be more than happy to not go at it alone. I'd love to hear from you about your success stories (might even post a few on here to show others it can be done). I'd love to hear about what you are doing right. Okay, I will just come out and say it...I'd just love to hear from you. Feedback is always a welcome part of this project.


  1. <3 GREAT blog and you know - I'm right there with you ! If it wasn't for MY accountability partner ( :D ), I'd be struggling more than I am ! I work on a craft project or work project and the perfectionist, in me, goes completely OCD. It comes to my home and I dance around the clutter ! Baby steps ! But, it's getting done and I truly feel so much better, inside ! GO FLYLADY ! GO BRENDA ! and yes...GO ME !

    1. Thanks, Doog! I so appreciate my accountability partner (;-)) in helping me keep on track! This stuff I write about really does work! GO US!!!

  2. another comment....in a writing mood tonight...LOL...as you know ...I have decluttered to a point nobody else I know would go....not at this stage of life....but I keep it simple for the most part....every year...usually when the weather warms up...I will go through stuff and make 3 piles....stuff to keep....stuff to toss....and stuff to think about....usually it's not too difficult....but occasionally it is....I'm down to about 6 boxes in the barn....besides what's in my truck...which would fill a good sized u-haul...and that's comfortable for me....but I have 2 boxes of southern gospel cassette tapes I'm trying to find a home for....know anyone that's into that type of music....and has a stereo system with a cassette deck....and no...you cannot have them...LOL

    1. LOL! Thanks, Daniel! I actually do know someone from our mingle days who does collect things like that. I just don't know if he collects the cassettes though. But I admire you for what you have done. I know it isn't easy, but it does make life a lot easier to move with when you don't have to worry about where everything is to go. And, I love the idea of having three piles (I have a fancy decluttering kit that has three baskets named that). I used to watch a show called Clean House and it was so freeing to see what the end product was.


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