Motivation and Accountability

While working out on a treadmill may seem somewhat mundane, I found myself propping up my laptop so that I could focus on reading motivational articles while I pounded out a little over 2 mile walk. It took my mind off the task at hand: getting my blood pumping to boost my metabolism.

There were common themes through out these motivational articles that really caught my attention. One of them being accountability. As a Christian, the word accountability sometimes has ominous connotations as we think of someone who stares us down to keep us from sinning. Well, in one way that is true. An accountability partner can be your biggest cheerleader while checking to make sure you haven't slipped. 

I used to think of my Christian accountability partner when I would be considering something I should not be doing. It usually was followed by the thought "I really don't want to tell her that I ______________.". And in many ways, that is the same way as I view my accountability partner now. I really don't want to tell her that I screwed up my diet...again.

But should it be that way. Accountability really shouldn't be about the negatives. It should be about the positives. I should be able to go to my accountability partner and say "hey, I accomplished this today!" Not feel like I'm walking into court to be judged for my crimes. I know I screw up. I don't need to have it rubbed in my face.

So what should an accountability partner do? 
  1. For one, they should encourage us to better ourselves
  2. Offer encouragement when we are struggling to meet our goals
  3. Be open to listening to what we are going through
  4. Help us see past our faults and see the good in ourselves
Seems pretty cut and dry to me. 

We should never do something like working out and changing our eating habits without some type of friend, coworker, spouse, or family member to help motivate us. Doing things alone sets us up for failure. When we do it alone, we lack the accountability we need to keep us in line and on track. We also miss out on having someone watch out for us and to make sure we are not hurting ourselves either.

Accountability is key to staying motivated


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