Moving, Changing Jobs and Running the Gamut

Sorry to be so quiet these days. I wish my life were as quiet as I've been this past month. It seems like life was put into overdrive and I somehow forgot to buckle up!

With that said, I've been super busy. I recently changed jobs, so the fun of transitioning from one company to another ensued. I have to say that despite everything, the transition was pretty smooth. At least I haven't heard any complaints. Well, except for those from my former co-workers when I put in my notice. I like my new job. I'm still testing software, but for a different firm. A smaller, yet well established company whose values closely mirror my own.

On the other side of the chaos, I am in the process of purchasing a new home. Well, new to me, that is. It is a quaint little home in a quiet neighborhood not far from where I  live now. Yes, that photo is of my dream home. I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it since the address isn't visible in the photo. 

The whole mortgage process has me all flustered and frustrated. I just pray June 17th gets here without any new surprises and that all goes swimmingly well. Changing jobs in the midst of it all really didn't help with the stress level. In fact, if I were getting married I would have the stress trifecta! But, I have to say, I'm still single. Oh well.

The nice thing about this is that I can take this time and declutter more as I start to pack. If I don't want it or need it, it isn't going with me. is starting to see my intersection pop up more and more as I give away things I know others will need or use. The rest is going to the trash.

When starting the packing process, it is always best to start with the room that is used the least. For me, that is my guest room/office. Most of what is in there is still in boxes, so it makes the packing part of it easy. Except I don't want to move everything in there. So, I need to go through the boxes as I move them to the side for the move. 

One other thing I love is the printed packing tape that is color coded with the name of the rooms on it. Sure, buying colored tape would work just the same, too, but I had enough on hand from the last move 4 years ago that I won't need to buy more. Once you've boxed everything up, and have put a piece of the coded tape on each box, take a piece of the coded tape and put it on a piece of paper. Take the paper with the coded tape to the top of the door jam of the rooms the boxes are to go. That way your movers won't be second guessing you.

So, with that. The movers have been reserved for July 5th. I decided to use a moving company this time around as not to wear my friends out. Plus, that gives me a chance to move on a Friday, rather than on the weekend (a holiday weekend at that) and put everything in place before returning to work on Monday. 

Moving may be a stressor, but it can be fun! I've done it enough times that I should be a pro at it now!


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