Happy About Purging

Here I am in the middle of packing and going through everything I own. I'm finding that things I thought I could not live without are things I'm ready to part with. Amazing how that happens. We just need to a push of some sort to get us motivated into purging what we do not love.

I only have about 10 boxes packed so far, and my closing is 19 days away. As I stare down what is left, I'm happy to say that what the number of boxes the moving sites predicted I would need is going to be dramatically less! My push to declutter and purge is working! I'm seeing the reward for being diligent and doing what needs to be done. 

It isn't easy. 

How many times have we looked at something and said "Oh, I know I'll need that later", only to find it laying in a box forgotten over time? Or, to be afraid of hurting Great Aunt Edna's feelings if you parted with the nick nack that just doesn't do it for you? You know you have those things. I know I do. And I'm ready to part with them.

So, while my living room nick nacks lie in wait, I am staring down the bookshelves that once were over burdened with books. The purge of books I did at the very early stages of this blog have come back to bless me. They are no longer here and won't be causing someone a sore back in my next move. Less to pack. Less to move.

This is going to be one of my best moves yet!