I Don't Wanna

I don't want to pack. I really don't want to. The other side of that is I'm not looking forward to the unpacking either. But it has to be done...and sooner rather than later. I have less than 30 days until I close on my new house. I do have a few days after closing before the movers show up, but that doesn't mean I have all the time in the world to do this.

Yes, I live in a small two bedroom apartment and moving into a larger three bedroom home with a two car garage. I just don't want my home to look as if a hoarder is taking over. I had a friend over a few days ago, and I saw my home through a whole different set of eyes. I was embarrassed because my apartment isn't even near being done with the purging I've been so diligently trying to accomplish.

Why is this? Is it that I kind of gave up a little when I changed jobs? Maybe. Life has been a whirlwind these past two months. And they are not going to get any better. I feel bad that I've neglected my blog since making the offer on my new home, but things have been crazy busy.

I'm hoping that once the move is over and the essentials unpacked, I'll be able to get back into business with this blog. I promise! For now, I'm off to pack a couple of boxes in my guest room...even if I don't wanna...