Finally I'm Calling it a Home

Here I am a week after my move and I'm ready to call this place a home. My living room is getting close to being done, with only a few wall hangings left to be put up on the walls. The dining room looks perfect, and my new bed and bedding collection make for a peaceful rest. 

The photo is of my dining room. The photo doesn't do the light fixture or the window sheers any justice, but it does provide a wonderful showcase for one of my grandmother's quilted table runners. The table and chairs are all brand new and compliment the fixtures in the room. I'm looking so forward to entertaining again. Keep an ear out for a housewarming party in my future! 

 This photo is of my new queen sized bed with a new comforter set straight from Macy's Roxy collection. It is even prettier in person!
This is a photo of my fireplace mantle. The art piece is perfectly framed by the candle sticks, two mantle clocks, one a is antique. And my great-grandmother's kerosene lamp.
 Down below in front of the fireplace are the art pieces that will go on the wall above my love seat. The three ming style vases were gifts from three totally unrelated friends who know my love of classic pieces. As for the polka dotted pig to the right. My mom feels that everyone should have a piggy bank of some sort.
The piece de resistance! Okay, just a bigger picture photo of my living room. I love how it all just seems to come together. It is perfect for me! It fits me! I am finally able to call it home.

More photos and blogs to come as I continue to unpack. I'd like to thank my mother for helping me unpack the living room and kitchen before my back decided it was time to quit.