Home, Sweet Home

I'm home. My home. My new home. It has only been a three month search and purchase process, but I'm finally here. I've packed, I've moved, and I'm here. Okay, so I'm not totally moved just yet. I still have a truck load of items to bring here and a load to take to the trash compactor.

I'm exhausted. I'm so tired it isn't funny. I need this to be done and over with now. 

So, the question is if I hired movers, why am I still moving stuff out of the apartment (2 loads today). The answer is that the mover talked me out of moving the "small stuff" to "save money". Considering that there were two of them and only one of me, I shouldn't have listened to him. 

I thought that if I got a friend or two to help me, I'd be able to knock off the rest in one afternoon. I even offered beer and pizza and got nothing. It was worth a shot. The good news is that my mom is going to help me finish off the apartment part in the morning. Hopefully it won't take long so I can enjoy the rest of my weekend before returning to work.

The pups are loving their new digs; however, I can't get them to stay out long enough for me to get much done without them under foot. I've been told that they probably are distressed about the change in their habitat. But, if you saw them right now, you'd question that theory. Both are crashed on the couch snoring away. I guess it helps to have something of their old habitat to make the new place seem homey. To them, it's the couch.

On a lighter note, I found a wonderful treasure in the refrigerator this evening, as I was stowing the rest of my evening pizza: a bottle of pinot grigio. A perfectly fruity white wine that has a woody, yet pear taste to it. Yes, I took wine appreciation for credit in college. But, I digress. It is a wonderful way to christen my new home. 

A glass to prosperity and to health.

Photos to come later.


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