It's All Mine

Today I woke up to the most irritating sound you could hear first thing in the morning. No, not the alarm, but someone texting you before the alarm goes off. The thing about this text was a little different. I had been waiting for it for two full weeks. Today, the text said "It is your's". 

So, what does that mean? That meant that I was finally able to pick up the keys to my new home. That what I signed my life away for two weeks ago is now in my possession. I am a new homeowner. The home is finally mine. Now, I can move in whenever I want.

And I really don't want to wait! I want to move in NOW! But, alas...I must wait. Why I chose to wait 4 days after getting the keys to move in is beyond me, but there was a reason...I just can't remember what it was now.

Of course, there are a couple of things that have to be addressed before I can move my life into it's new chapter. I needed to shore up the gaps under the fence in my new backyard. You see, there were large enough gaps for Boots, the Boston *Terror*, to sneak out or get her head caught under. So, I purchased some really cool looking landscape edging to run along the bottom edge of the fence.

The other thing is that there is an overwhelming musty odor in the home. I first noticed it during the inspection, but there was no evidence of water damage anywhere. So, tonight (after fixing the fence...which btw...took less than an hour to do), I sprinkled Arm and Hammer Carpet Deoderizer on the carpet and I'm letting it sit overnight. Tomorrow, I will vacuum really well and then use the steam cleaner with a little bit of Tide with Febreeze in the water. It should smell fresh after that!

Then, there is the new furniture delivery on Wednesday. I ordered a new dining room table with chairs and a new television stand. The TV stand was a must as I had been using a nice little fireplace nook for a television stand up until now. The nice thing is that it has enough nooks and crannies that I can finally hide my electronics, DVDs, and games until I need them.

Then Thursday is just making sure everything is packed away and ready for the move. A quick once over with a little vinegar water over flat surfaces in the house to clean them and I'm good to go!

Finally, Friday...July 5th...moving day! They will finally come to take my possessions and move them from this dinky apartment into my new home. Oh, home sweet home! I cannot wait!