Storage and the Garage

Available at - Blue Hawk 56.5" shelves
One of the things I miss the most about my last house was the built-in shelving that the previous owner had installed in the garage. It was the best thing since sliced bread! It gave me a place to store items like Christmas decorations, tools, and the like. I didn't have to worry about it all being jumbled up on the floor taking up precious real estate where my car should reside.

Move forward 7 years, and I'm in my new home and low and all. Oh, take that back, there was a small cabinet, but that doesn't hold much. My garage floor was cluttered with things that either had not found a home yet, or had no place to store in the garage.

The finished product
So, today as I stood contemplating my dilemma, I thought why not install my own shelving. So, with my mother in tow (she has the truck anyway), we went to Lowe's and looked over their shelves. Interestingly enough, someone at Lowe's had the bright idea of displaying storage bins next to the garage shelving units. It helped us look over, price, and finally decide on a shelving unit that would work perfect with what I had. (Storage bins included)

The shelves I purchased looked easy to put together, unlike the other shelves on display that looked like I was going to have to offer beer and pizza to have assembled. But, no. My mother and I together were able to assemble the shelves (I bought two sets) with ease. All that was needed was a rubber mallet, which I had on hand already.
Storage space leftover for lawn equipment
The nice thing was that at the end we found that the shelving units were made to be side-by-side with hooks to secure them next to each other. That left room on the other side of the garage for things like the lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and other lawn equipment. I still have a few other items to adjust before my new car can fit in the garage.

My new car
Yes, bragging a little, and who wouldn't. Found a new car yesterday that fits me perfectly. I love my little 2013 Dodge Avenger that I have lovingly named "Thor" (keeping the Avenger theme). Now to finish the garage so I have a place to park it.

Until then, how do you organize your garage? Do you use adjustable shelving units? I know need to find some pegboard hooks as that is pegboard in my garage. That would help in storing things like the weed eater/edger combo, or the electric snow shovel (I am in the market for a snow blower this year).