Giving Over My Time

My ode to June Cleaver
I've been sitting here pondering what to write about for this new blog. Nothing seems to be coming to me, but yet lots of little things keep coming up. 

For one, I'm trying to lead a more prayerful life. I love God and I have a wonderful relationship with Him. I just struggle a little on the prayer side. Yes, that does mean I need to be in His word, too, but my focus needs to be on spending time in prayer.

At church, the sermon series is called Off the Top and it is about giving your first fruits off the top of our lives. That means our time, talents, and treasures. The time has me a little frustrated, because I do struggle with giving God even 5 minutes of my time a day...that is consistently giving Him that much time. I pray here and there, but not passionately for a devoted 5 minutes a day. 

So, what does the pastor do? He challenges us to give 10 minutes a day to Him. Whoa! Wait a minute! I just said I have trouble giving Him a devoted 5 minutes a day, let alone a full straight 10 minute block of time. So, what am I to do? Well, I figure that if I give him first 5 minutes of guided Bible study time followed by 5 minutes of prayer, I might be able to do this. 

Now, this doesn't mean that I'm not in the Bible on a daily basis. Sure, I read scripture here and there, and I work on mulling over a verse or two. But that is just it, I don't give Him the devoted time He needs me to focus on a daily basis. 

My motivation is my grandmother. She spends each morning reading a daily devotional and the related scripture. She does this daily without fail. Me? I wake up, play on the computer for 15 minutes (yes, I set a timer), then rush to get ready and head out the door. What if I woke up 15 minutes earlier and spent that time in quiet meditation and prayer? I may not have to rush so much in the morning. day would be started off on the right foot. 

So, with that...starting tomorrow (the pastor's challenge starts on Sunday for the next 90 days, so I'm getting a head start) I will be spending 10 minutes (5 minutes in the Bible and 5 minutes in prayer) each morning getting to know God a little better. 


  1. I'll take your challenge, with you - but, I will start at 5 mins ! That is more realistic, for me and something I know that I can accomplish and not get frustrated and quit, because I mess up, on the first day ! WOOT WOOT !

  2. Doog, I am so excited for you to join me in this challenge! I think it will definitely be a great experience for us both!

  3. Brenda, I enjoyed reading your blog and your Pastor's challenges. My challenge is different. Our church has joined a group that houses a small group of homeless families for a week. So I am in charge of activities! I help with one evening meal, and a sleep over. Reminds me I need to start rounding up help for activities. Since retiring, the time for prayer and bible reading is no longer a challenge. I used to be most faithfull when the kids were toddlers and life was so difficult. I was smart enough to reach for God when starting their little feet in the right direction.

  4. di557, that does sound like a great challenge to undertake. I will keep you in prayer as you help take care of this family.


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