Hanging on for Dear Life

The embarrassment known as my closet
That's what the clothes in my closet are saying. I've lost so much weight that over halfmy closet doesn't fit anymore. So, why hang on to all of it? It is somewhat of a daunting task to try everything on to make sure it doesn't or does fit. 

Why do I do that when I know it won't fit anymore? Well, in some ways it is empowering to know that all of those clothes are no longer in the fit category and that I've finally reached a utopia feeling of accomplishment. 

So, what is the process that I use to clear out the closet? First make sure you have a mirror where you can see your full self. Then, start off by asking yourself these very simple questions:

  • Does it fit?
  • Does it look good on me?
  • Does it make me feel good to wear it?
Don't be tempted with the thought of "I'm probably going to need that again someday", because you've done a great job of losing all of that weight in a healthy manner that you are never going back there again! Right? Right.

So, your challenge today, if you so wish to take it, is to go through your closet and clear out the clutter that is no longer needed. Make room for what you do keep and make the closet a happier place to be!