Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Today, I parted with a dear friend and companion of mine. We had been together 10 long years. 2 of those years were hidden in a storage unit and had traveled 20 hours in a moving van. Yes, I parted ways with my treadmill. The biggest source of clutter in  my home. Yes, I used it up until a year ago when the room it was placed in just would not give in to the need to be decluttered due to the behemoth that laid in there.

With one swift email to the local group, I was able to unload the aging giant to a woman who I knew would use it. And, she's already called to let me know she has been using it since it arrived at her home today. I believe my treadmill is now in good hands.

Now on to other news. I've been silent for way too long and I believe you, my readership, could have been some of my biggest supporters during this difficult time in my life. You see, I was diagnosed with cancer around May 17. I had invasive malignant melanoma and they performed an excision of the original biopsy site to ensure they got it all. And, well...I'm happy to say that by mid-June, I had been told they did get it all. It still was a trying time and I never knew how to take the news. I still don't. I've been dealing with deep depression because of it. I can't seem to shake it.

So, this is where I need to ask of you all for one thing: prayer. This is a tough time for me. The scar is still fresh and sore, but life is moving on. I just need prayer to help get me out of this funk and find balance in my life again. I used to think it was this decluttering journey that would help bring that balance, but there is more to it and that is what I'm seeking now. Through prayer.

Thank you for all of your support! Hopefully I will be visiting my blog more often again.