Getting Mental

I was reading an article about how we need to get mentally prepared for weight loss. This got me to thinking about where I am mentally when it comes to not only getting myself healthy, but in life in general. 

I've been struggling with mood lately and the mood of late is lethargic, uncaring, and unwanting. I do not want to participate in anything right now, and that is not the mind-set that I want or need right now. 

So, how do you get your head back into the game? Good question, and I don't know. I honestly don't. The article suggests sitting down and making a list of the negative aspects of staying your present weight. This could include increased health risks, low energy, and not looking your best. In any way you look at it, the list of negative could make one cry...and it does me. 

I have no intention of living at this weight for the rest of my life. I am only 46 and have been in the hospital this week for chest pains. They did an EKG, a chest x-ray, and other tests to find nothing wrong with my heart. So, that leaves one thing mental state. 

I think half of my mental states DOES have to do with my weight. I so want to be healthy and thin again. I was there once in the not so distant past. I lost my self-confidence when I gained this weight and I want to gain it back. But I hate going to the gym looking the way I do. Imagine that...going to the one place I need to be and hating myself while there. Something has to change...and it is my mental mindset. 


  1. I completely understand, Brenda. I'm forcing myself right now to get on the exercise bike and work out. I'm seeing the results in the mirror, but it's so tempting to put it by the wayside with having kids to take care of and school.

    I was so proud earlier this year to fit in to my son's jeans! A friend of Mom's sent home clothes intended for the boys, but guess who snagged half of it? Yeah, I can fit the clothes! I keep reminding myself if I put back on the weight, I'll not be able to wear them.

    As always, prayers!

    1. That is totally awesome, Ron! Yes, it is important to not let things bring us down to where we stop like I did. I had lost 50 lbs! Looked great, and 20 lbs back later...I'm not as confident or motivated like I had been.


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