It sounds easy, but is it?

I'm way behind on blogging, and even more behind on doing what this blog is about. But with a renewed sense of determination, and inspiration, I'm ready to get back at it. 

First off, I've finally started doing it: purging until it hurts. While I'm still an Imelda Marcos wannabe, I'm finally purging the clothes in my closet. If I've not worn it, or don't like it, it is gone. I've taken 5 garbage bags to Goodwill so far, and have another 3 waiting to go after today's purge session (known as simply trying to put clothes away after doing laundry). 

I'm just simply tired of not having enough room to keep my clothes...period. I've lost a great deal of weight in recent months, so I don't need those old clothes anymore. Time to bless someone with some gently used clothes. Next will be attempting to purge the shoe collection.

The next thing that I'll be attempting is extreme budgeting. It is kind of a necessity rather than a desire to be frugal. While I do have that desire, the necessity just makes it a need rather than a want. 

My goal is to live frugally on $100 or less a week. Can I do it? Yes. I know it isn't that extreme. I've been reading where a family of 4 can do it, so if they can do it...I can do it on even less. It just takes planning, discipline, and determination. It also means that I need to cut back on eating out, unnecessary purchases, and learning how to cook for myself once again. 

Some of the things that I'll be doing will be:

  1. Buying only what I need. Even if that means going to the store every other day to buy for that day and the next. Walmart has excellent salads that are only $1 if you buy them on their best buy date. And Walmart is just a mile away (and on my way home from work), so a day old salad each day won't kill me. Besides, they carry 4 different kinds.
  2. Cooking once, eating twice (or more). When did the word leftovers become such a bad concept? As a working woman, I don't have a whole lot of time to cook in the evenings, so why not do one day where I prepare the main course for the next week. Things like chili, crockpot meals, and baking chicken breasts can be done in one day, frozen, and used later in the week. Who needs Lean Cuisine when you know for certain what is in the food you made.
  3. Find alternative ways to entertain. Read a good book. Watch a DVD that is gathering dust. Take a walk at the local park. Or take up a new hobby (like writing blogs). I live within walking distance of a greenway, and I know that my pups could use the exercise just as much as I do.
  4. Don't eat out. Studies have shown that the serving sizes at restaurants are far larger than necessarily needed. They are also packed full of calories we don't need. Craving that pizza, try making a homemade pie. Want dessert, the aroma of fresh baked goods is intoxicating!
  5. Condense your driving habits. If it is in walking distance, then walk it (weather permitting). If your errands have you in different directions, take the most efficient routes. 
I sound like I'm rambling now, but these are a few of the things that I've found that are doable in other blogger sites. I did find it funny to read some of the comments to those blogs that were lamenting the woes of having to give up the unnecessary things in life. Just suck it, buttercup, and stop feeding the machine! Living lean also means living green! You use less in simple terms. It is all about simplifying your life...not adding more clutter.