Did I do the right thing?

I've been beating my head to understand why I did what I did today. It went against every principal that I had been trying to teach, yet I went against the grain and did the unthinkable: I didn't toss my clothes that I can't wear. 

You see, I lost over 50 lbs a little over a year ago. Then immediately regained that weight. In the process, I dropped three dress sizes. Something that allowed me to go on shopping sprees to fill my closet with well meaning and fitting clothes. I looked great! I felt great! It was a good ride.

Then I injured myself on a bike ride and was sidelined for over three months. Something that deeply depressed me and landed me back on square one. However, in my moments of feeling great again, I ditched all of my larger sized clothes. Eventually leaving me with nothing to wear when the weight did pack on. 

So, today, I noticed that my clothes were so packed tightly in my small closet, that I needed to do something. Keeping four sizes of clothes in my closet was nonsense. So, I went out to Meijer and purchased two totes that were only $4.99 a piece. I then marked the two totes with the size (both numeric and standard sizes). For example, I marked one Size 12 and large. 

I started by pulling out my handy, dandy sorting bins that I purchased from the Flylady's website (flylady.net). They didn't cost me much, but they were perfect for the job at hand. The things that were my current size, I placed in the Put Away bin, the clothes that had seen better days went into the Throw Away bin, and finally the clothes that were headed to Goodwill in the Give Away bin.

The clothes that I wanted to keep for my weight loss adventure were immediately placed in the totes marked for those sizes. I was surprised at how much I had accumulated for those two sizes, as the lids to those totes would not stay tightly closed. I wish I could say that the act of placing the totes on the shelves an old boyfriend had built for me in my garage was easier, but I'm happy to say that I don't have a black eye as they came tumbling down in my face, almost breaking my glasses.

Was it worth it? I really don't know. I don't want to stay the size I landed on most recently, so I didn't want to get rid of the jeans, skirts, and blouses that I had purchased to mark that weight loss victory. That victory is not over. I am back on a doctor supervised weight loss program. I'm healthy and back on my game. I have no excuses, but it is just a matter of getting my booty back into gear. If I can hold off the weight for more than six months this time, I can most definitely start to think about giving away my big girl clothes. 

So, my question: was it foolish to keep these clothes? Or was it smart to pack them away until I reach my goal weight once again? I had enough room in my recently downsized garage to put them in a safe spot. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.