On the Lookout for Inspiration

I'm always on the lookout for cleaning, decluttering, and organizing tips for not only this blog, but for myself, too. I usually find myself pinning them to my Pintrest board and forgetting about them. Meaning, this blog doesn't get as much attention as it should.

Well, today, while home feeling yucky, I turned on the Roku that I bought for my last blog (see it here), and found that there was a free streaming channel called ClutterBug. I have been sitting here "binging" on the various installments she has posted, literally gaining inspiration to possibly get up (despite being sick) and doing some light cleaning to see if having a clean home will actually help me get to feeling better quicker.

Out of curiosity, I did find that ClutterBug does have a website found here. While we have our own styles, we share some of the same goals. I envy her everyday clean home, but after watching her video on how to fake a clean house (see here), I know what needs to be done.

So, with a little inspiration, I'm off to do 20 minutes of putting my home back in order (found here).
For more information, go to clutterbug.me