Choosing a Word for 2017

In just four days, we will be saying good-bye to 2016, and celebrating the arrival of a new year - 2017. When people start to contemplate a new year, they generally make New Year Resolutions, while others set goals (just as I have). But there is a new trend right now, and that is choosing a word to represent and contemplate over the next 365 days. 

For me, that word is: Renewal

People generally choose a word that emphasizes change, hope, or strength going into the new year. Something to remind them that change is inevitable, that there is hope in the future, and that we need strength to endure. I found renewal to be poignant after a friend had talked about how the word "Reset" was being spoken over and over as a word for 2017. It resonated with me, and it prompted me to contemplate the word further. You see, if you hear a word, sentence, verse, or passage over and over again from various unrelated sources, then you know it is God speaking to you. This was one of those moments for both my friend and I. 

With the word renewal, it aligns with my goals for 2017. I am seeking renewal in all aspects in my life. I've already started that with my new career that started on December 12th, which also means a renewal of finances after not having a paycheck since September 30th. A renewal in my health with a spinal block scheduled for January 9th, and already signed up for a successful weight loss program starting mid-February. Oh, and I'll be going back for my masters degree in August. So, there is a lot in terms of renewal in my plans for 2017. Especially after a 2016 that was very hard on me. In fact, it was downright vicious toward me.

So, think about and contemplate on a word to define your 2017. Write it down. Make a decorative image for it and post it somewhere where you'll see it on a regular basis. Journal about it. Just try to make it a part of your daily life and thought process.