A Work In Progress: The Paper Shuffle

I couldn't get a photo without at
 least part of one dog in it
To be honest, there really isn't a whole heck of a lot I can do with dueling back injuries at the moment, except maybe shuffle paper around. Plus, my right arm is still completely usable and not incapacitated. So, some work has been done in my office/craft room over the past few weeks while healing from injuries from a fall that injured my lower back, and a "I have no clue as to what happened" injury to my upper back. Either way, I'm seriously bored of just sitting there watching paint dry.

In the photos above, the one on the right is my before photo that captures the mayhem of my just not caring and throwing books and papers literally anywhere I pleased just to get them out of the way in the moment. On the left, there is some semblance of order going on. I have not added any items to help keep the books "upright", but will as soon as my left arm and back will allow me. 

A great deal of paper that was found on the bookcase was literally "junk" and landed in the waste receptacle. What wasn't was set in a separate pile to be filed away in my next project in the office (rearranging my failing filing system). 

That was just it with the paper clutter in my office/craft room. It was full of ideas of good-intentions: gardening ideas, home improvement ideas, home organization ideas, recipes, sewing, arts, crafts, music, the list keeps growing, and growing, as did the piles and piles of paper. It was to the point that I decided that if I had not noticed it or remembered that it had been printed (most in months, if not years), then it was time to say goodbye. So, I did. That meant that I could begin to see the floor in my office. That I was able to finally move around and make progress. That I was able to make it to my jewelry business shelves and place the boxes on the shelves and start re-organizing it for better use of space (another blog, for another day).

My point is this: start with the most obvious, which is often the easiest, and work your way up. In my case, it was the paper clutter. It was everywhere. Once it was out of the way, the possibilities were endless.