Closet Vs The Chair

I don't have a fancy, schmancy pic or meme for today's blog, because, to be honest, I'm totally embarrassed by this one dilemma: the chair in my bedroom. A few years back, I bought a really nice recliner for $25 at Goodwill, so that I could have a place to sit, relax, and read in my bedroom before crawling into bed at night. I've done that a handful of times, while the rest of the time it has served as a landing for all of my clothes. 

I have to laugh at this, because I haven't stepped foot into my closest in over a month. I haven't needed anything from my closet for a month. So, it has me thinking: do I really need those clothes hanging in my closet? I mean, I have a set number of outfits I seem to wear regularly that wind up living on that recliner in my bedroom. I don't wear anything else, why should I need anything else? Right? 

Why is this coming up? Well, I was a little overzealous and sold my living room furniture 3 weeks before my new furniture is to arrive. Oops! So, my beloved recliner is to be moved from the bedroom into the living room, so I can watch relax and watch Netflix, play on the computer, and look out the windows. Things I won't do in the bedroom. But do to not one, but two back injuries, I can't move the recliner on my own, I have to have someone come and do it for me, and the state of the area in my bedroom is embarrassing (to say the least). 

That brings me to my closet. It is tiny for a walk in closet. It is large enough to take two steps in, turn, and take two steps out. No wiggle room. There are only hanging rods on two walls, and they overlap in the shared corner. The third wall has my 9 cubby unit that holds things like sweatshirts, t-shirts, workout gear, swimwear, and pajamas. Aside from the not often worn things in the cubby that I've already paired down quite a bit, everything hanging leaves me in question. At the beginning of the fall/winter season, I removed all of the spring/summer wear. So, all that is there is what should be worn now. But what is hanging in the closet isn't being worn, yet it is all still crowded on what little space there is. No wonder I don't hang anything up.

So, here is my thought for today: what if I took everything that is hanging in the closet right now (with exception of my business suit and a dress or two that are already infrequently worn), and place them in a box and put them to the side for now. Then hang up and put away what is on that chair. Once the winter season is over, I will then re-evaluate what is in that box and see if it is still necessary to keep or give away. I'm willing to put money down that I will not miss a single item in that closet right now.

So, off I go to try this experiment. When spring comes (and I won't promise anything), I will come back and let you all know how the experiment worked. Maybe I have found the answer to the Konmari way of doing things. Who knows.


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