Tackling the Mountain: First, You Need a Map

To the left is my "To Do" list for tackling the mountain I described in my last blog, and a little more. The funny thing about it is that if you look closely, it almost looks as if my guest room were more the issue than my office, but actually it isn't. Comforters are easier to manage than an explosion of paper. 

In A Year To Clear What Is Holding You Back, you are led through a journey of not only looking at clearing out what surrounds you, but what surrounds your heart, mind, and soul. It has been a very enlightening journey, to say the least. 

I'm currently on lesson 47, and one of the things I was to do yesterday was to make a list of things that really bother me. Well, all could think of were three things in my home. Of course my office was the biggest one, so it was first. My dining room table of course was second, because I see it everyday (my jewelry business kind of exploded in there). And finally, the guest room, only because I keep promising my mother I would donate the extra comforters I had accumulated over the years,and recently had sifted through to see what I had.

Today's lesson then asked us to take one of those things that bothered me, and then map out tasks of how I could possibly tackle it in small bites. I was simply amazed at how less daunting what seemed like a monumental chore now appeared to be. I was so energized by the fact that these were so much easier to do in smaller chunks, that if I were not nursing an injury right now, I would have jumped right in and started immediately. But it will have to wait until the doctor clears me to be able to lift, move, and twist once again.

So, what daunting task awaits you? I encourage you to take a piece of paper and write down what bothers you in your life, then break it down into smaller bites, and then re-evaluate just how big it really is.