Closet Redo: The (Mostly) Finished Product

Ready for the big reveal
After a week of planning and two days of actually putting my plans into action, my closet is mostly finished. The reason I say mostly, as there are some finishing touches I'd love to add at some point in the future when funds are a little more readily available. I would like paint the walls at some point, as well as put up nice shelves and a mirror. Plus, it would be nice to put a full length mirror on the door, as well. But for now, what I have in place now is already working out in a wonderful way! 

I was actually able to get dressed in my closet and not have to struggle with finding anything to wear! That made my morning! Plus, it was funny to turn around and find that I wasn't alone when I found Boots in there with me. 

The keep piles all nicely folded
One of the final things I needed to do was to go through what was left sitting in a pile on (and over) the recliner in the corner of my master bedroom. There were items I wanted to keep, as well as items it was time to let go. I went through each item. Items were first separated by keep and give away. Items that were to be kept were then separated into separate, neatly folded piles that were organized by size and clothing type. This made it easy to figure out what to do with them once I was finished going through everything. I had originally planned on purchasing totes to store them, but another idea came to mind once finished.

I had noticed once I was done last night that I had a lot of spare space still in bins, baskets, and shelves. Why spend money when you don't have to. So, I didn't. Items that I more than likely won't wear anytime soon were placed neatly into the blue baskets and then set on the shelf above the tall rack. This will keep them neatly out of the way, but in eyesight so I won't forget that they ware actually there, and go out and spend money that I don't have later on things I already might have.

Things that I might be able to wear in the near future were folded neatly and placed into the cubbies on the 9 cubicle shelving unit. This way they are easy to reach as I lose the weight and have a need for them. 

Totes usually run about $5 to $7 each, depending on where you find them, and I was looking at purchasing anywhere between two or three for my needs. Even four, as there was an additional need for storage that I found as I was finishing up.

You see, I have a small costume collection that I have collected from attending my cousin's annual Halloween parties over the years. I didn't have anything fancy left to store them in, so I just neatly folded them up, and stored them in a tall kitchen trash bag. I still might move it from the floor to up in the top right hand corner in the back, since these are items that won't be accessed frequently. This will allow me to make more room to move over and hide the laundry basket a little better, so that it doesn't crowd my pants and skirts as much, too.

But it goes to show, ingenuity doesn't always have to cost money to make do.

After getting everything put away, I found that there were some items I could start putting away that didn't really have a place, like the two jewelry boxes my mother and grandmother have given me over the years. There are so many precious memories stored in those, so they need a special spot to keep them safe, and on top of the 9 cubicle shelving unit was the perfect spot. I have a lot of jewelry since I also sell jewelry for Premier Designs, as well. But these two jewelry boxes are only for my own personal pieces I've collected over the years and not for my PD kit. This is also another reason why I want to at some point put a mirror in my closet, so I can easily accessorize while I'm still getting dressed in the morning, and not after.

I must admit that I really feel good about what I have accomplished. Is it pretty like all of the closet remodels you'll find on Pinterest? No. But it will be once I have the chance to put my finishing touches on it. That's why I said it is a mostly finished product. There is so much you can do with a blank canvas. You can paint, wallpaper, stencil, decorate, hang shelves, mirrors, chandeliers, whatever! The world is yours to do whatever you want with your closets! This just happens to be what I've done so far with mine. I have big plans still, but I don't plan on spending heaping piles of money that I don't have on it. I'll just keep my eyes open when I'm at Goodwill or other thrift stores for just what I need to make it mine!