Buyer's Remorse

I guess yesterday I was starting to feel better, because what I'm going to write about today is the result of yesterday's faux pas. 

It is called buyer's remorse. A lot of time's, people refer to buyer's remorse when they purchase something they've been eyeing or been hearing about, only to find it is a dud. But for me, it is about going out to buy a specific item, only to come home with a trunk full of items I did not need. 

To me, that is my own personal buyer's remorse. And it is painful to me when it does happen, because I have every intention of not letting it happen.

But for me, I have a backup plan in place for when it does happen as a form of damage control. I don't go opening everything, tearing off tags, throwing away receipts, and using it immediately. No, I don't do that. I sit back, think about what just happened, then sift through everything to evaluate the damage that just occurred. I separate out the needs from the wants. Then the wants go immediately back into the trunk of my car to be returned as soon as possible. 

Plus, having accountability helps, as well. Having someone who understands your habits and impulses helps you understand yourself, and helps keep you in line when things like this happen. They help you see yourself in a different light. And they do it without a judgmental tone. They guide you and help you without chastising you. They also don't let you get away with murder, either. They do use a firm glove with you when needed, but they won't berate you for it. 

But for now, I need to return a trunk load of things I don't need. And with a heart full of grief for what happened yesterday afternoon. At least I can return everything, and without feeling too much regret.