Planning Stage: Kitchen Pass Through

I decided to start off with a planning blog post before tackling the actual project, like I did with the closet and office/craft room. I felt like it was more effective, and it allowed me to be more successful in my endeavor and to be more methodical in the process, rather than more manic and chaotic about it. 

By doing it this way, it allows me to lay a ground work and put together a plan, then gather the tools, and execute it without feeling rushed or disorganized. Thus, resulting in a much more satisfying final product that will last longer in the long run. In fact, my closet is still in a great state. My office is in need of a touch up, but I've been injured and sick at the same time.

I have pneumonia as I write this, so that is why I'm just looking at the planning right now. My body won't allow me to jump in all gung-ho at the moment, so I just want to take a moment and think about what I want to do. What led to my wanting to tackle this little space was a post someone made on one of the many HGTV groups on Facebook. Someone had a very similar kitchen pass through like mine, and was curious about what to do with it, too. 

One of the things that has always bothered me is that, while I have tried to do something nice with it, it always seems to come out as a hodgepodge of clutter. Not a lot of clutter, mind you. Just, clutter. As you will see, there really isn't a whole lot there. I have a grocery list pad, with a small photo holder, a scented wax warmer, a ring saver, a potted violet and two cut roses from my grandmother's funeral, two small candles, a mason jar with a chalk tag, and a cup and saucer given to me by a neighbor.  Not a lot, but it just doesn't seem to click. I don't want to give up the violet, and I think I want to make it the centerpiece of whatever I do with the space. 

The two candles, mason jar, grocery list pad, and small photo holder probably could go, but the ring saver is a nice to have for doing the dishes. One of the things you should never do is wear your jewelry while doing your dishes, and a ring saver is the perfect place to ensure they are kept perfect safe and sound. Mine is in the shape of a peacock. The scented wax warmer is a nice to have to help freshen the great room and kitchen when I have guests over, because as I am owned by two precocious pups, it helps alleviate any unwanted odors when guests are over. The two cut roses probably should be put into keepsake box of some sort or pressed into a book, like my old Bible. 

One of the things that drew me to my home when I purchased it five years ago was how homey the kitchen was. I didn't have to change a thing about it. From the tin-type back splash to the warm coloring to the welcoming greeting over the pass through and sink. I knew this was my home. But now I need to make it more functional and useful in this one teeny tiny area. And I'm not quite sure what to do just yet.

One option is just to pare down and leave the three items I had mentioned earlier and let it be. Another would be to add pendant lights. Another would be to add shelves, another would be to add art.

I've sifted through various options, and if I do add something, it might be to add maybe a window pane or stained glass style decor at the top. Just to give some dimension to the space. After looking at the cost of stained glass pieces, if I went that route, I may have to make my own, or look at thrift shops or the like. The window pane option could come at many price ranges, and are available at many different places. I really don't want to go with the pendant lights, as there is already a light above the sink. Plus, the warmer has a light in it, as is.

As you can see, this little project isn't that big, and is just one to clear up one little area to make it look nicer and more presentable. Especially since it is an area I see several times a day when I'm in the kitchen or dining room. The key with any project is to make it your own.