Originally Thought About It On A Monday, But...

Yesterday was Monday, so that makes today Tuesday. But what I'm about to share today, actually was posted as "It's a Monday" and became popular because of it was just that. I'm sharing it here, only because it resonated enough with people where I originally shared it with, that it made enough sense to share it here, as well. (If that makes any sense? I mean, I am writing this at 11:05pm on a Tuesday night.)

It's a Monday

It seems like Mondays are always a headache, and what a way to start a week than with an actual headache. Ugh. 

But I'm not going to let that stop me. I've got to break this cycle of just sitting up here in this self-pity state and get rid of this weight, because I know it is the bulk cause of my issues. I mean, think about it. Who can seriously lift 100 lbs on a regular basis? I know I can't. But I do it every single minute of each and every day. 


So, I joined a team specifically for those over 50 (I'll be 50 in July) who need to lose more than 100 lbs. Because let's face it, I need to. After that, I went through and found a bunch of inspirational images using a Google search and decided to post them here. So, here they are: 

How basic can you get with your goals? First, get to the gym. You have to move to lose. Second, eat healthy. It isn't about dieting, it is about eating smart. Third, it is about being awesome to yourself. 

Never give up. We all know what giving up feels like. We do it all of the time. It's time to know what success feels like. 

And just like never giving up, it's like the story of the tortoise and the hare, slow and easy wins the race. I was an endurance swimmer in jr high and high school. If I sprinted off of the starting block, I'd lose. But if I took my time and paced myself, I'd win. 

We often allow ourselves to demotivate ourselves or beat ourselves up when we don't meet our goals when we expect to, or we gain a pound or two (or five) when we think we've done our best. No, the process isn't an exact science, and our bodies will fight us all along the way. It's a very slow process, and we have to take the time it takes to do it to get to know ourselves and the way our body functions and doesn't function in order to understand how it will lose (or gain) weight, react (or doesn't react) to exercise (and food). By doing so, we can ensure our best possible outcomes to make the best possible selves. 

We are ourselves. Not the model on a magazine cover or a movie star. We are not a specific clothing size. Those are all lies. What we are is a healthy version of who we are meant to be. Don't let specifics be a lie that society wants us to believe. Be who you know who you are meant to be, and strive for that. Be healthy. Be happy. Don't be less than that. 

This blog was originally written for my own personal page on a popular diet and fitness website. It wasn't originally written to be a part of my blog on personal organization and minimalization, but I've emphasized over and over again that the clutter inside us oftentimes is reflected in the world around us. We give up so easily in both worlds, thinking everything is so unattainable, because we expect it right now, but that is not how life or the world works. 

Nothing will ever come easy. We all have to work in order to succeed. In fact, we will not appreciate anything more than if we are able to work hard at being able to succeed at doing what we want most. We learn to appreciate it more. We learn to understand it more. We learn to take care of it more. We learn to maintain it more.

Those are my thoughts on it and why I am sharing it here with you, my personal organization readers and followers.


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