Master Bath: Disaster to Organized Bliss

Well, it has been a long time coming since my old medicine cabinet came crashing down on my head as I was going through its contents last summer. I had purchased a new one on clearance, but its dimensions were too big for the space, so I purchased shelving for where the old one used to be. I also had an issue where the last owner of the house hid a hold in the wall in a not so nice way (with towel hooks), and I had purchased what I needed to patch it, as well as a hook rack to match the towel rack on the wall across from my mirror.

A lot had happened since the time I purchased everything to do the job, so the cabinet has sat in a corner in my master bedroom, collecting dust. And the shelves on a shelf in the garage. How poetic. 

In the meantime, my bathroom vanity counter became a nightmare. I hated it. There was no space for anything, and it just seemed to keep collecting "stuff", as there was no where to store anything. I tried to keep things organized, with a specific spot for my hair tools, makeup, and hair products, but I'm also on medication, and that just kept getting in the way. Especially when I'd catch a cold. The photo to the left was taken after I started today's task, so it is a bit worse than what I started off.

The first task, of course, was to clear space, then wash the walls down (which is why there is a bucket of cleaner in the sink). That took no time at all. Then, I started working on the cabinet that went above the toilet. Luckily, it appeared that the woman who owned the home before me had put one above there once before. So, I utilized those existing bolts, making the process a bit easier.

Also, the cabinet came in one piece, not in pieces, so there was no assembly required. Something that made me very happy. The only issues I ran into were the fact that my drill died and that the cabinet did not come with hardware, less the door knobs. 

Luckily, I do own an electric screw driver.

Next, I tackled the shelves on the wall next to the mirror. I thought for certain this would be an easy, task; however, of the three shelves I had purchased on clearance, I chose poorly when opening the first one. Again, it did not have the hardware to assemble it. And my pre-existing holes were a half inch off. 

If you note in the photo to the left, there are only two shelves. Yes, the one I chose poorly in opening first turned out to be my guinea pig and died in the process. Not a horrible death, but still in one piece. It is just not usable at this point. But I have to say that I do prefer only having the two in the end.

Lastly, I had to address the two sizable holes next to the sink. I had already purchased the patching, and had the putty. However, once I had already placed the patching, once I opened the putty, I found that it was as solid as a rock. Luckily, I'll have a chance to pick some up tomorrow and finish patching tomorrow evening. 

I'm sill quite concerned as to what happened to create those holes, and why they didn't just fix them in the first place. Who knows. I know I don't have the answer, just the solution that will go up once the wall is finished being patched up.

Finally, once everything was put up, I finally had the chance to finish putting everything in its place, then finish cleaning up. I'm quite happy with the final result. My plans are to pain the walls a light grey and the vanity cabinet a light blue, leaving the counter, sink, trim, and everything else the cream/off white it is now. But that is for another day. But for now, I'm just happy to be clutter free for awhile.