Living Room Daydreams: A Work in Progress

Last night, I wrote a blog on the plans I had for my master bath. Today, I am writing about the plans I have for my living room/great room area. They are not as crazy as the ones for my master bath.

When my grandmother passed away one year ago this month, I decided to take a wall that I had started to turn into a gallery wall five years ago into an memory/honor wall to my grandparents and my family. I think what I wound up with is truly beautiful. It took a couple of tries before I was truly satisfied. I still need to redo the ribbons on the middle section (they are a little crooked), but they will do for now. 

To do the project, all I did was print out my favorite photos of my family to fit frames I had purchased. I then purchased ribbon to match a color in the throw pillows and rug in my living room, cut the strips to 5 inches each. Then I would fold the ends a half inch to staple to both the top and bottom of the back of each frame. The top frame, if you look in the header photo, is from the original wall art I put up five years ago. I thought it was quite fitting, and used them to create an anchor piece for the three segments. I did at one point have the center piece higher, but decided to even them out, and am glad that I did.

Like the master bath, the great room/living room/dining room is all the beige-y/tan color that the house was painted when I purchased it five years ago. In other words (again): Boring! So, I've been toying around what to do with the coloring of the room(s). If you looked closely at the photo of the throw pillow, it had a teal/turquoise color in it with the same color that I used in the ribbon, as well as the yellow, green, and cream. 

While I want to remain with muted colors, as not to be too bold, I thought that the turquoise would be an excellent choice for the outside wall. But there is another wall, I'd love to incorporate it with, and that is the dining room, which is part of the great room.

My dining room, itself, does garner some character from the decorative hanging in the pass-through, but is completely bare of any wall decor. The piano does have a large mirror waiting to be hung. However, I have thought about painting the pass-through wall the same color as the outside wall, to create a sort of bookend feel. For the cathedral ceiling walls, I thought a color called Silver Mist would be a perfect contrast to the muted turquoise. 

As for the rest of the decor? I'm not quite sure. I have a very whimsical rug in my living room that I purchased from At Home a few years back (it has a wrinkle in it that I'm trying to straighten from the pups) that I'm absolutely in love with. But I'm not quite sure what type of decor to go with. Maybe a mix of whimsy intermixed with traditional. We shall see. However, at this time. This project is scheduled for possibly around February, while the master bath/master bedroom is either December or January. I'm just excited to see my home to become mine!