Chaos in 2018: Choosing 2019 as a Year to Clear

I don't know about you, but 2018 has been one heck of a year! So many ups and downs, that I'm ready to kick it to the curb! It just feels feels like it was the year for Murphy's Law to take up shop and reside in my life. In other words, if it could happen, it did. 

And unfortunately, my home took the brunt force of the majority of the chaotic moments and/or forces. And the thing is, the messes and clutter that accumulates in my home make me feel overly anxious and claustrophobic. I literally cannot breath if I walk into a room that has too much stuff in it. Something that no one wants to feel.

For example, my kitchen has very little counter space. I took on a roommate two years ago, and she has taken over the buffet counter for her items (Keurig, toaster oven, microwave). Now, I understand the toaster oven, but the Keurig and microwave (that is scarily very grimy) are too much, as I already have both (the microwave is even built into the cabinetry). Extra of everything just clutters the counter tops and makes an already small space feel even smaller. I just need to find a way to explain this and come to a common ground. 

Next is my master bedroom. I had cleaned it up to where laundry had a basket in the closet and everything had its place, so that my recliner, which is there for reading purposes, would stay clear of stuff. No, it does not. And it becomes a landing place for clothing that needs to be hanged up. A sign of either procrastination or laziness.

Another area is my office. Oh, my office (the room shown in my title card). It has been in a state of flux since my grandmother passed away and I inherited her sewing and quilting supplies. In other words, it became cramped and claustrophobic. I purchased two cube shelving units last week (on sale at Target for 30% off), and the clothe cubes for $1 from the Dollar Tree, in order to help things or stuff find permanent homes. I have a very large wicker basket that was where the 9 cube shelving unit is now that is collecting donation items (purging stage) that will go out at my lunch hour. 

I also have a small end table next to where I sit to relax or sometimes work in the living room that becomes cluttered at times, and I need to better organize it. I do have a basket by it. I just need to do some hot spot putting away.

The inspiration for doing this came from an online course called A Year to Clear is Holding You Back found on the DailyOM website. The course is not free, but is donation based (I paid $20 to take it). Another inspiration that is free is The Flylady. She is a wonderful inspiration who wants to take us from CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) to being able to maintain our homes with 15 minutes each day.

Whatever you choose to help return your home back to its former glory, I hope you join me in this journey in 2019 to become more organized. I mean, that was the goal of this blog when I started it when I lived in my apartment over 7 years ago!